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Readers’ Theatre
February 2012 -
Ah Yes

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Eat Your Heart Out

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Murder @ the Howard Johnson’s

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Painting Churches

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Blithe Spirit

Readers’ Theatre - “Working”

Studs Terkel's "Working": People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do Directed by Peggy Shaughnessy

At its heart, "Working" is about the quest for meaning in our lives. It is a mirror reflecting the

enormous heart and spirit of the American people on that quest. And while some of these

people were interviewed almost forty years ago, the themes remain constant, the message

relevant today.

Location:           Museum, Foote Gallery

June 2011


Jennifer (Phillips) Bray

Jack Menzies

Faith Ford

Mark Orlowski

Steven G. Fox

Rick Padden

Aaron Gidley

Nancy Patton

Lang Johnson

Jaccie Serbut

David Laskar

Louise Thorton

Richard MacDonald

Jemery Wagner

Gale McGaha Miller