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Readers’ Theatre
February 2012 -
Ah Yes

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Eat Your Heart Out

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Murder @ the Howard Johnson’s

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Painting Churches

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Blithe Spirit

“Ah Yes, I Remember It Well”

Written & Directed by Jim Willard

An original compilation of vignettes featuring men and women as they share reminiscences through historic and current times and events.

For some of you this will be a stroll down “Memory Lane” as the stories unfold from days past. For others of you, “Ah Yes, I Remember It Well” will be an entertaining glimpse into days gone by as our players involve you in their lives. In either case, the tales are fact-based although the people are created from my imagination. Their stories will take you from the late 1920’s into contemporary times. Some are dark as were those days; others are lighter – as is the case of reality. As M. Scott Peck wrote in The Road Less Traveled, ‘Life is difficult’.

About the Writer/Director

Jim Willard (James) is a “mostly-retired” columnist for the Loveland Reporter-Herald. He has been writing Trivially Speaking for eleven years and has more than 1,500 columns under his belt. Jim grew up in South Dakota and was employed for several years by Hewlett-Packard here in Loveland. His hobbies are tennis, golf, and running. His newspaper column is written with the assistance of the VP of Research, Twoey, a bichon frise –Maltese mix, and under the supervision of his CEO, whom he met at Wall Drug in South Dakota.

Location:  Pulliam Community Building Theatre

February 2012




Tricia Barger


Gwen Boswell

Esther / Accompanist

Bill Eads

Jerry, Will, Death

Debbie Howard


Angela Johnson


Bob McDonnell

Alternate Reader

Jeanette Minnich

Mom, Sheryl

Mark Orlowski

Roy, Don, Ron, Hal

Mike Purtill

Sam, John, Rich

Diane Thornton

Helen, Judy

Fay Ulanoff


Dick Wood

Harvey, Herb, Jeff