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INCORRUPTIBLE:  A Dark Comedy About the Dark Ages
by Michael Hollinger

    If you thought identity theft, monetary troubles and problems in the clergy are recent problems then meet the monks from Priseaux, France c. 1250 A.D.  Saint Foy, the patron saint of the monastery, hasn’t performed a miracle in thirteen years.  As a result, the pilgrims, as well as the local people, have stopped coming looking for assistance and paying an obligatory donation to view the saint's relics. Instead, the faithful have moved on to other more active and celebrated holy sites. Even for churches in the dark ages it was all about public relations and staying current with constant miraculous output.

The monks can hardly feed and clothe themselves, let alone help the villagers in need.  When a rival church also claims to hold the relics of Saint Foy and their saint performs miracles, the monks turn all eight eyes to a one-eyed minstrel who helps out with some creative financing.

The playwright drew his inspiration from an actual feud between two French monasteries. A monk from Conques stole the bones of St. Foy from a church in Agen in the 9th century.

DIRECTOR INFORMATION: Jennifer R. Phillips holds a BA in Performing Arts with an emphasis in Acting/Directing from Iowa State University in Ames, IA.  While she is a new face for the Loveland Community Theatre, her résumé includes both on and off stage credits in Iowa State University Theatre, Ames Community Theatre, Rapid City Community Theatre, The Black Hills Playhouse and The Alameda Civic Light Opera Company.

Proceeds of $600 were donated to SAINT, Senior Alternatives IN Transportation!

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